Thursday, 20 October 2016


We can represent population using graphs and charts. We often use pie charts to show percentages and bar charts or line graphs to how changes in population. Pyramid graphs can be used to show age groups.
Pyramid graphs:
This pyramid graph shows us the age distribution of Spain's population in 2013. the blue bars on the left tell us how many males there are in each age group. The red bars on the right indicate the number of females in each group.
Spain's population 2014. Picture from
The longest bars indicate the highest number of people.

Pyramid graphs can also give us information about population growth.
Picture from Wikimedia Commons
Wider at the base: the population is increasing.

Picture from Class7ACCS
Wider in the middle: population grew rapidly in the past, but is now decreasing.

Picture from el captor
Wider at the top: the population is decreasing, and has been decreasing for many years.

 And now you can practice:

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