Thursday, 9 March 2017


We get energy from natural sources. They can be renewable or non-renewable.
Renewable energy sources:
  • Hydroelectric energy: we get hydroelectric energy from water that is moving or falling. The water is collected in a reservoir. Then it passes through a turbine, it generates electricity.
  • Wind energy: we get wind energy from the movement of air. The kinetic energy of the wind turns a turbine, and produces electrical energy.
  • Solar energy: we get solar energy from the Sun in the form of light and heat. Solar panels transform that energy into electrical energy.
  • Biofuels: we get biofuels from plant and animal products. Biofuels are burned in power stations to produce electrical energy.
Non renewable energy sources: Non-renewable energy is energy from sources that are limited:
  • Petroleum: this black liquid forms underground from decayed plants and animals. It's the source of the fuel oil, diesel fuel and petrol that we use for heating and running vehicles. Fuel oil is also used to produce electricity in oil-burning power stations.
  • Coal: This black rock is formed underground ffrom decayed plants. Coal is used as fuel in some industries, and to produce electricity in coal-burning power stations.
  • Natural gas: is a mixture of gases that have formed from decayed living organisms. It's found underground. Natural gas is used as fuel in many industries and to produce electricity in gas-burning power stations.
  • Uranium: this radioactive metal is found in rocks. it's used in nuclear power stations to produce heat in nuclear reactions. Electricity is produced from this heat.
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