Sunday, 13 November 2016


What are the characteristics of fish?
Respiration. Fish breathe with their gills. The gills absorb the oxygen from the water and pass it into the blood.
Fish bodies. Fish have a long body that is covered with scales.
Extremities. Fish have fins and tails. They use them to swim.
Reproduction. Almost all fish are oviparous. The females produce eggs and lay them in the water.
Photo by Adam Summers via cultura inquieta. Click on the link and you'll see lots of incredible pictures.

What are the characteristics of birds?
Respiration. Birds have lungs to breathe air.
Bird bodies. Birds have aerodynamic bodies. Their bones are thin and light, with lots of air spaces inside. These characteristics make it easier for them to fly.
Extremities. Birds have four extremities: two legs and two wings.
Reproduction. Birds are oviparous. Like reptiles, amphibians and fish, birds lay eggs.

What are the characteristics of amphibians?
Amphibian bodies. Amphibians have thin, smooth skin.
Extremities. Amphibians have four legs.
Respiration. When amphibians are young, they breathe in water. When amphibians become adults, they grow lungs, breathe air and live on land.
Reproduction. Amphibians are oviparous.

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