Friday, 20 January 2017


The biosphere is all of the ecosystems on the Earth. It includes the oceans, the land, the atmosphere and all the living things on the planet.
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The place where a population lives is called its habitat. There can be many habitats in a single ecosystem. Sometimes living things can share a habitat.
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An ecosystem that has several types of habitat is called biome. For example, various habitats are found in savannahs. Some parts of the savannah have grasses and bushes. In other parts, trees can be found. Areas with ponds and small lakes form habitats for aquatic animals and plants.
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The biosphere is the biggest known biome. It includes all of the habittats on Earth.

Many populations of animals can live in an ecosystem. Some of them share habitats. For example, in a rainforest ecosystem, the inmediate habitat od leafcutter ants includes the soil where they build their ant hill. Their habitat extends to the surrounding trees where the ants collect their food. The habitat of toucans includes the treetops where they live and feed. Their habitat doesn't include the soil because they don't visit that part of the rainforest.

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