Monday, 23 January 2017


Ecosystems change over time. Sometimes the changes are natural, but sometimes they are caused by human activity.
What causes natural changes?
Natural changes in ecosystems are caused by variations in environmental conditions, such as seasonal changes or the natural development of ecological communities.
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 What consequences does human activity have?
Human activities such as pollution, overfishing, forest fires and deforestation can destroy habitats or entire ecosystems.
Human activities often release dangerous substances into the air, water or soil. For example, waste from some industries can kill many organisms and destroy entire ecosystems.
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Humans take a lot of marine animals from the sea. This causes changes in the food web of marine ecosystems.
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 Forest fires:
Human activity produces waste such as broken glass and cigarrettes, and barbecues can cause fires that destroy large areas of forest.
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Many forests are being cut down by the wood and paper industries or by farmers to make larger farms. This can result in the destruction of the natural forest ecosystem.
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