Sunday, 29 January 2017


The tertiary sector, also called the service sector, is made up of businesses that offer manufactures products and services to consumers.
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We can divide these services into different areas:
  • Doctors, nurses and dentists all work in the health sector.
  • Teachers work in the education sector.
  • Public safety: police officers, firefighters, soldiers and security guards.
  • Skilled jobs: mechanics and electricians...
  • Administrative work: secretaries, bank clerks and civil servants.
  • Cultural professions: writers, musicians, actors, painters and sculptors.
  • Judicial system: lawyers, prosecutors and judges.
In Spain, more people work in the tertiary sector than in the primary and secondary combined.
About 11% of the people working in the tertiary sector work in the tourism industry. Most of them in hotels or in bars and restaurants.
About 25% of the people working in the tertiary sector do administrative jobs (bank clerks and secretaries).

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